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Aerotech Single Use Engine Supply problem

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1 year 3 weeks ago #8992 by Frank DeAngelo
In the last year I have noticed that many of the vendors that sell Aerotech single use mid power engines have been out of stock. Vendors that sell at or close to full retail always have them in stock.

I contacted Aerotech about this. The Aerotech customer service representative said my problem is that I don't want to pay what the existing vendors are selling for and that they cannot set price points to what customers like to pay.

Aerotech has control over vendors that buy direct from them and they can dictate what these vendors set their prices at. Vendors like Hobbylinc that purchase from a distributor such as Great Planes are not puppets on the strings of Aerotech and can set lower prices. It is my guess that Aerotech is no longer selling to vendors or distributors that they cannot control. I have done a lot of research on this in the past year. Obviously there is some shenanigans going on that includes price fixing by Aerotech. Aerotech is upset with me because I caught them in the act. What Aerotech doesn't realize is that not all rocketeers are engineering majors. Some of us majored in business and marketing. I'm done with them.

I pointed out to Aerotech that my per flight cost is cheaper using CTI reloads plus I don't have to pay shipping because I can buy the reloads at the launch site.

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