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Packing The High Power Pads

Packing The High Power Pads - 17-Apr-2017 by Alan S

Each of the CMASS High Power launch pads comes in its own storage tray. When setting up the range, place the entire tray in the cart to take it out to the pad site. Remember to bring a battery with you.


At the end of the launch, the pad parts are packed back in the tray. The following pictures show how to pack up the pad. Due to space and geometry contraints, there is really only one way to make everything fit so the trays can be stacked in the trailer.

Hint: Each tray is lettered "A", "B", "C", "D". The path to success is to keep the pad parts matched to its tray. The Sign and some parts don't fit in other trays. For example, the "B" sign and pad goes in the "B" tray.

The pictures below show the hints to make it all work. Special areas of note are encircled in RED.

When you are ready to load the trailer, pad "D" tray goes in the trailer first (directly on the floor). Then stack pad "C", then "B", then "A". There is a cover that goes on top of tray "A". Thanks !





























CMASS Launch Sign Up

We Need You ! Please sign up for any of the following launch duties. Volunteers are needed at every event and training is provided. Its easy and fun to help CMASS run a launch.



Click on the Edit button (The little Pen on Paper icon above the C in CMASS in the title).

Enter your name in place of your_name_here. in the sections below. 

And don't forget to click Save when you are done (Button upper right).

Thank you.

Sincerely, -CMASS



Just so you know, the Day Pass ($5) and the Season Pass ($20) are used solely to pay the city/town for the field use fees. All those friendly people you see running the launch volunteer their time; before, during and after. The Food Service funds the launch equipment and maintenance, so it is true that CMASS runs on hot dogs. Please volunteer an hour of your time a couple times a year to keep the rockets flying.



LCO (Launch Control Officer) - Be the one who pushes the "Launch" button !

RSO (Range Safety Officer) - Examine rockets for flight worthyness and assign them to a launch pad.

Food Service - Cook hot dogs, sell food, drinks and snacks.

No Shuttle in Acton

Shuttle Driver - Give people a ride from the parking area to the launch site. Drive the CMASS Shuttle for one hour between 10AM to 5PM. Vehicle provided (Chevy HHR courtesy of Bob K) - Manual transmission, can you drive a stick shift ?


Questions? Need training?? Please post your questions here


--- Sign Up Below ---



LCO - Saturday 24-Aug-2013 - Acton, MA

11-12noon - LCO: Bill Spadafora - Thank you Bill !

12-1pm - LCO: Bob Krech - Thank you Bob !

1-2pm - LCO: Tony Vincent and LCO in training Cole Dubois - Thank you Tony and Cole !

2-3pm - LCO: your_name_here

3-4pm - LCO: your_name_here


RSO - Saturday 24-Aug-2013 - Acton, MA

11-12noon - RSO: Daniel Shea

12-1pm - RSO: Daniel Shea

1-2pm - RSO: Guy Wadsworth - Thank you Guy !

2-3pm - RSO: Daniel Shea and RSO in training Matt Laudato

3-4pm - RSO: Daniel Shea


Food Service - Saturday 24-Aug-2013 - Acton, MA

Pre-launch - Buyer: RoyTuinila / Claude Maina / Jason Nadeau - thank you ! !

1130-1pm - Chef 1: Matt Laudato - Thank you Matt !

( Here's your training: (1) Boil water; (2) Add hot dogs; (3) Remove when they float; (4) Serve hot on a roll ! )

1130-1pm - Chef 2: your_name_here


Shuttle Driver - Saturday 24-Aug-2013 - Acton, MA

No CMASS Shuttle service needed at the Acton, MA launch site.

Next CMASS Shuttle is Saturday 28-Sep-2013 - Amesbury, MA.

CMASS Video Gallery

To add your YouTube video to the gallery please send us the link by Clicking Here and entering the YouTube link information.