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Our next launch is on October 18 in Amesbury.

The 2014 Schedule can be found here!

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Welcome to CMASS

September 27 Amesbury Fliskits Launch

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Wow, what a day! Nice weather, great turnout and cake. This was the annual Fliskits anniversary launch and as usual, Jim picked up the cost of the field rental and provided cake. It was a perfect day for flying. At times there was absolutely no wind. This proved to be a big plus for the high power flyers who flew high and had their chutes come out at apogee. Howard landed two rockets on the field! Jim had several raffle drawings throughout the day and organized a couple of drag races. The sky was full of Frik-n-Frak parts. In all there were over 350 flights which made for a busy day for the range crew. Even the food service crew was overworked. By the end of the day there was absolutely nothing left to eat or drink. Our usual high power vendor couldn't make it but Rick from Wildman CT was able to come up and fill the void. CATO Chutes also came up from CT. In a rare concentration of rocketry power the presidents of MMMSC, RIMRA, CATO, and CMASS were present and we all got to fly. There are pictures in the gallery and on TRF .

Last Updated on Sunday, 28 September 2014 21:20

September 13 launch with MMMSC in Berwick

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Look at all that grass. That's why what would be a challenging day in Amesbury or Acton is not that big a deal in Berwick. It was windy and unreasonably cool. While nobody actually measured the wind speed, the forecast 10 mph might have been a little low. Of course, like any field, the sod farm has its challenges. The range was set up near the center pivot of the irrigation system. The grass has to be watered and that's what was going on when we arrived. Fortunately, the 1/2 mile radius sprinkler moves slowly so it was easy to pick a point that had all ready been watered. Unfortunately, as a couple of people found out, the wind was blowing towards it. There was still plenty of area that wasn't wet. I made a couple of dry but very long walks to recover my rockets. The flight count was low at about 150. There are a few photos in the gallery and a video here. The post launch debriefing was conducted at the Thistle Pig which gets a 5 star rating from me. 
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