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sermon trident 20170725 1757994026            What a day! Temps in the 80's, partly sunny and no wind. Let me repeat that - NO WIND. These pictures are real. That is one limp CMASS flag! The wind on Saturday went from nothing to very mild back to nothing.  We had a good crowd for Acton, I'd say about 60 - 80 people at it's max, with a number of families and some spectators. Both FlisKits and AMW were there and I think both did pretty well; at least there were people at their tables. We even had a fly over in the afternoon. I don't know what the aircraft was - but it was big! We had 214 flights from micromax to G. And I think most of the G's were Harry Woodell saucers.

             It was a great glider day and I took advantage and brought some of mine and some foam cup rockets. Jim flew a new prototype saucer in honor of a new grand daughter. It flew very nice and hopefully it will be out soon. As far as I know, only three tree'd rockets. I did see Jim Salem and Howard walking back toward the trees at the end of the day with Howard's sling shot to retrieve Jim's Bucky Jones. I hope he got it back. I was lucky, mine landed at the edge of the field about 6 ft up. Pictures are in the Gallery and I know that Jim took quite a few as well. So check out his Gallery when he has them up.

            The picture of the Fractal on the launch pad is an interesting illusion. The right side pods are going backward in a spiral and the mars lander 20170725 2082296044left side is actually coming forward in a similar spiral. Although they both look like they are going backwards. The design is from a thread on TRF (The Fractal). It flies very nice with a slow rotation.

            Our next launch is Aug 12th at Woodsom Farm in Amesbury.