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Our second away game of the season was held with the good folks of RIMRA at the URI sod fields in West Kingston, RI. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. There was wind all day but it did a nice job of keeping the sun from being too overwhelming and blew out of the west under 10 mph. Most flyers adjusted nicely to it. We had a total of 118 launches from about 27 flyers with a couple of CATO's that didn't clear the pad; MESS reports will be filed. We broke a streak of CATO's on Mega Der Red Max rockets; two launch weeks in a row in Berwick had severe damage to a couple of these models but, after many ingitor replacements, we had a nice MDRM flight at the end of the day.

That MDRM was launched by Jonathan, a young fellow who regularly flies with RIMRA. He had 25 flights that day using 25 motors. Boris had 3 flights that day using 24 motors. Someone put more flames into the air than Boris at a launch - who would believe it.

We used the CMASS 11-pad ring for low-and mid-power flights and the CMASS pads and RIMRA wireless controller for the high-power launches. Some of the HPR used sparky motors, something we don't see at CMASS-only launches. RIMRA set up their Rocket Cafe and fed us all very well at midday. Jason was on hand representing AMWProX and was busy all day. Cosmodrome was back with us and has plenty of stock for your building needs.

In the flyers meeting that RIMRA holds before the start of operations, all of the procedures for the day were reviewed and the restrictions for recovering rockets from a freshly planted part of the field were given. I took this opportunity to announce the availablilty of the range box stickers to support the Bill Spadafora Memorial Fund (there will be an article soon explaining this in more detail) and we got quite a few donation from that. In addition, Jason pledged a part of his on-field sales to the fund and RIMRA told us to keep the launch fees we would have paid them to help the fund. A very grateful thank you to AMWProX and RIMRA for this support.

Our best wishes go out to Breton DeBoef and his family who were at the front end of a 9-car crash on I-95 in Providence on the way home from the launch. He and his family are alright but the box that held many of his rockets on a rear-bumper rack got a little crunched; some rockets made it, some may never fly again.

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