We had a wonderful Winter Follies launch and an article will follow.

Breaking news - 2019 launch schedule!

Check GO/NO GO statusL call or text our Launch Hotline, 857-24-CMASS (857-242-6277) after 7 AM the day of scheduled launch.

Watch for upcoming opportunities to volunteer and help keep our club launches going.

Please read Launch Etiquette, Launch Schedule. Sign-up for launch duty. Report website issues.

Our first summer launch of the year on the Acton field took place under clear skies and seasonally hot conditions. The grass was pretty well dried out and may need to be reseeded for anything to grow before the soccer season. As an extra precaution, Alan set up a fire lookout station beyond pad 8. We were joined by Troop 157 and Pack 157 from Weston with many of the scouts performing launches in pursuit of a merit badge or just for fun. With their help, we reached 217 total launches with motors ranging from 1/2-A to G impulse.

Fliskits had a lot of interest in his products and Jason helped people recognize CTI Pro38 delay grains that may need to be exchanged due to a production problem. We had a good number of volunteers helping spread the work load so everyone was able to make it through the heat of the day.

We announced a new recycling program, of sorts, that will be detailed in an email. Briefly, rather than throw out your drink cans or bottles in our trash can, we’re asking that you take them home and recycle or return them yourselves. This will cut down on items unnecessarily going into landfills.

If you have any pictures from the launch, please upload them in the gallery.