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launch field 20160425 1956332143          Our first launch of the 2016 season was this past Saturday and was great day. I know that technically, the first launch of 2016 was the winter follies back in Jan; but for me the winter's got to be over for the launch season to start. We had a rain delay of about an hour; but once the field was set up, there was virtually no wind until about 1:00. The afternoon had moderate winds from different directions, and was overcast most of the afternoon, but still a great day.

            Jim Flis was there and flew three prototypes, some of which are due out this summer. My favorite had to be the one with a triangular base of three ping pong balls - 'Dihydrogen monoxide'. I don't think the name is correct for the structure, but it is a great little rocket non-the-less. The other two also look great and flew well - one futuristic and one retro - but I was forbidden to publish their names! Jason, representing Animal Motor Works was there also. There were about 50 people in attendance. Take that with a grain of salt, as my estimating abilities are pitiful. We did have 194 flights! Pretty good for a first launch and for that many people. Although I think a full third of those 194 belong to Riley Stevens! I actually don't know who burned more motors that day - Boris or Riley! Speaking of Boris, he flew a few of his clusters - all great to see - as well as two pretty neat 3D printed rockets.

            Bob Krech was there with the Civil Air Patrol Hanscom Composite Squadron as part of their Cadet Model Rocket program. And saving best for last - Congratulations to Bob for his successful L2 attempt with a LOC WarLoc flown on a PRO38 J285-8 motor. The rocket, 'BillDanUP', and flight were in honor of both Bill Spadafora and Captain Dan Parsons, the late Commander of the Beverly Composite Squadron. It was a flawless flight that sure took it's time coming down. I think Bob just wanted to savor the moment. Well done Bob!

            I put a few pictures up in the Gallery and please post yours as well. There are also some great pictures on the FlisKits web page.

            Thanks to all who volunteered to help set up, take down, LCO, RSO, driver and food service duties. It is much appreciated. MMMSC has a launch this coming Saturday in Berwick and our next launch is a joint launch with MMMSC in Berwick on May 21st!

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