Our next scheduled launch will be the Fliskits Farewell Anniversary Party in September. If things change, you'll see it here.

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            The last launch of the season started out great, sunny with low winds in the morning. A big difference as compared to our last two launches in Amesbury. FlisKits and Jason of AMW were there. The winds picked up in the afternoon and unfortunately blew toward the power lines. Even with angling the launch rods in the opposite direction, there were still several rockets that landed too close to the power lines to chance things further (and giving Kenn some palpitations). So, all HP flights and anything above 1000 ft was grounded for the rest of the day launch. A bit of a disappointment, especially for the last launch of the season, but a wise move none-the-less. There were no certifications and two potential L1 certifications that had to be postponed until next year because of the grounding. We had three CATO's, with one being mine on an Estes C6-5, of all things! Even with that we got off 190 flights including two of Boris's clusters (I believe), one of my foam cup rockets and Scott Clement's deep fried turkey!

            The night launch was a lot of fun. We had a good crowd, at least a dozen flights, with two G motor rockets going up. Joseph Majahad of N.O.R.G also attended with a pretty nifty lighted launch pad. Pictures are in the Gallery.

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