When writing an article for the CMASS website sometimes you will want to link in an image.
Here are instructions on how to do that.

To add an image:
  • First upload the image to the gallery or if you have access to the backend of the website, to the media area.
    PLEASE NOTE: These images will be shown on the home page of the website and if you use a large image it will cause problems so please keep the width of the image to 500 px and the image size to well below 75 K. 
  • In the article editor first place the curser in the spot you want the image.
  • click on the little icon on the bottom row of icons called 'Insert/Edit Image'.
  • in the properties for the image:
    • For the URL, copy the URL of the image from the gallery or select an image from the media area of the backend of the website. For example: 
      It will automatically remove the "http://www.cmass.org" part because it is on the same website. 
      If you want to link to an image on another website that's fine as well, just PLEASE keep the images small. 
    • Add whatever you like for the alternate text, or just use the name of the image. 
    • For dimensions put 500 in the left (horizontal dimension) so it does not make the image wider than the available space and keep proportional checked.
    • Alignment you can set to top or left or what ever looks best in your article. 
    • You can add a margin or border if you like.

Here is an example:


  • You don't usually need to do anything with the other two tabs "Rollover and Advanced".
  • If you need to go back and modify the image settings, highlight the image by clicking on it once and then click on the "Insert/Edit Image" button again. The button should be highlighted to indicate there is already an image there.
  • Click the Apply button in the upper right of the edit article page to save the article and continue editing.
  • Click the Save button to save the article and exit. 
  • Clicking Close will close the editing session without saving.
  • You can also click the Preview button to see what it will look like.
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post in the forum if you have any issues.