Spring training is over and our regular launch season starts on 20 April in Amesbury.

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Both of these launches were well attended considering the less than ideal weather conditions. Each launch had about 220 flights. The weather on October 23 was cold and the wind was at the upper limit of what is acceptable. November 6 had far less wind but was still seasonably cold and the overcast skies made it feel colder than it was. It seemed that we had more rockets drift off the field under chute on the less windy day which also had way too many prangs from lack of recovery system deployment. On a more positive note we did have three successful hybrid flights in three attempts which I sure is a CMASS record. The launch also featured one of Boris Katan's insane clusters. We still can't put pictures in the gallery. That will be fixed when the flying season ends and Howard can set up the improved website. However, you can find pictures and videos on The Rocketry Forum.