Our next scheduled launch is on 27 July in Acton.

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A foggy start turned into a great launch day with little wind.

The final launch count was 320 in the 6 hour window which is fairly low for a July launch at Woodsom Farm. It was a little slow in the morning due to the low ceiling (which also probably kept some folks from coming), but Bill called it right and it cleared nicely as I took over as LCO at 12:45 and then launched 240 rockets, so we were launching about 65 an hour which isn't too shabby.

There were must have been a half dozen Saturn V launches, a great tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and lots of drag races, the most memorable being the 3 FLISKITS Lighthouse drag race. Who won? Does it matter? We also had a good sampling of rockets launched on the new Pro29 and Pro38 reloads from CTI. Really nice stuff.
Boris launched the Voodoo Daddy on 8 D's again, along with several saucers and a magnificent 5 motor cluster cluster Sirius Saturn V. Bill had several fine hybrid flights, and Howard launched 2 big L2 rockets, one with the new Garmin Dog tracker (with landed in the field) and the second without the tracker which of course ended up in the swamp and took a while to retrieve.

The next two launches are in Acton, and then we'll be back at Woodsom Farm through November for our final 5 launches of the year.