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Equipment / Supplies

1 month 2 weeks ago #11793 by larrylf
Replied by larrylf on topic Equipment / Supplies
No Leup? That is awesome. I never thought that lawsuit was going anywhere - glad I was wrong!

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1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #11802 by RetroRocketGuy
Replied by RetroRocketGuy on topic Equipment / Supplies

Hello All-
I've been out of the hobby about 15 years, and am new to the east coast.  I used to fly mostly L2 & L3 rockets (mostly Tripoli events), but, of course, I need to recertify.  It looks like its difficult to do L2 around here - or haven't I looked hard enough?

What I would like to know, and couldn't find in the FAQ, is what equipment I can expect at the field - pad sizes, rod sizes, rails?
and are there vendors I site? - I'm used to buying all my motors on-site.  If motors are not available on-site, where do most you get motors (G and up) ?

Thanks for any help-

Nice! How high did you go?
What kind of hardware/rockets do you have, and what's your biggest bird? 
I'm assuming you flew southwest? 

It must feel like going through a time machine re-entering with all these new changes in the hobby.

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