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NORG's Invite Return 4 Events (since 2018!) at Gallows Hill Park for 2023!

1 week 3 days ago #11558 by Niteowl67
=14.0ptNORG’s Invite to Return 4 Events (since 2018!) at Gallows Hill Park for 2023! =14.0pt =14.0pt   On March 10th NORG received it’s Park Permit from the City of Salem’s (Salem, MA) Park & Rec for use of the Gallows Hill Park.  The following week, on March 14, NORG also received it’s Fire Permit from City of Salem’s Fire Marshal.  We are now set for 4 NORG Events (not since 2018) for 2023 as follows:=14.0pt =14.0pt1)  Sat. Apr. 15th  (sunset ~ 7:25 PM) from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM=14.0ptSunday Apr. 16th rain date from 7:30 to 9:00 PM=14.0pt =14.0pt2)  Sat. May 20th (sunset ~ 8:04 PM) from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM=14.0ptSunday May 21st rain date from 8:00 to 9:30 PM=14.0pt =14.0pt3) Sat. Sept. 9th (sunset ~ 7:06 PM) from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM=14.0ptSunday Sept. 10th rain date from 7:00 to 8:30 PM=14.0pt =14.0pt4) Sat. Oct. 7th (sunset ~ 6:17 PM) from 4:45 PM to 7:45 PM=14.0ptSunday Oct. 8th rain date from 6:15 to 7:45 PM=14.0pt =14.0ptINVITATION:=14.0pt  NORG officially invites CMASS Members (and others) to participate in our 2023 Launch Schedule on the four (4) dates & times mentioned above!  Also, later this year, a Special Joint Launch at CMASS’ Amesbury, MA Field on Sunday Nov. 12th at Sunset (~4:25 PM).=14.0pt =14.0ptCHANGES:  =14.0ptFor a 2nd year in a row, we now have a new rate increase to paying  the “Adult” hourly rate (up from $15 to $20) post-renovations of the Gallows Hill Park.  This is due to the majority of our participants being over age 18!  Please if you know any kids that would like to participate at our events then invite them.   We may change that ratio of participants.   Fortunately, we are only paying Salem Resident rates and are only charged for the daylight portion of our events (this is why the Sunday rain dates are nighttime only).  If a rain date is called for, please contact NORG to let us know how many attendees with Nite Flite Rockets wish to attend on Sunday as field conditions may cause cancellations.=14.0pt =14.0ptFEE’s/LAUNCH LIST:=14.0pt  In order to defray the cost and sustain the future viability of NORG it is now necessary to charge a Field Participation Fee of $5 for the day/evening event.  Please consider buying an annual membership ($10).  Also, it is required that participants sign and provide contact info for the Launch List so that we know who is in attendance and can return lost rockets and abide by the COVID precautions found on the CMASS website for contact tracing should the need arise.  This information will remain for NORG use only and serve to note who has paid for the day’s event =14.0pt =14.0ptFEE’s/MEMBERSHIP LIST:=14.0pt  Again, in order to defray cost and sustain the future viability of NORG we are now requiring members both new and old to pay a membership fee when signing up at an event for the first time.  NOTE: Park rules forbid the exchange of funds on any park property.  Mail payments to NORG PO Box 855, Salem, MA c/o Joseph N. Majahad.  NAR Members pay $10 for Full NORG Membership while non-NAR pay $5 for Associate NORG Membership.  =14.0pt =14.0ptSPECIAL NOTE:=14.0pt  Look for coming posting on “THINGS TO KNOW/BRING – UPCOMING NORG EVENTS” or club meetings.  Enjoy!=14.0pt =14.0pt =14.0ptSincerely,=14.0pt =14.0ptJoseph N. Majahad, Representative=14.0ptNite Owl Rocketry Gild (#799)=14.0ptPO Box 855, Salem, MA  01970=14.0pt =14.0pt 

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