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NRC Competition

1 week 1 day ago #11275 by smaire
NRC Competition was created by smaire
The following comments are to fill out the discussion last night about the NRC.

The NRC contest year is 11 months: July 31 through the next June 30. The 2021-22 contest year will end on June 30 while the 2022-23 contest year will start on July 31, 2022. NARAM events are all of the NRC events for that year plus 3 other events plus R&D. The NRC contest year thus serves as practice and preparation for NARAM.

The following table shows the NRC events for the past 4 contest years. It appears that events were unchanged in 2019-20 and 2020-21 probably due to Covid (cancelled NARAM?).

Event         2018-19   2019-20    2021-22
PD             1/4A          1/2A         1/2A
SD              -                1/2A         1/4A
HD             1/4A           1/2A          A
BG              A               1/2A          -
RG               -                 -              1/2A
Egg Dur       B                -               -
Egg Alt        C                -               B
Alt                -                 1/2A        B
Pay A           B                 B            -
Sport Scale   -                 -             x

Not unexpectedly, there is a pattern here. Low power PD and SD (to accommodate small fields, as a guess). HD. BG or RG. Something with an egg capsule and something with an altimeter. Sport scale was a late addition this past year; not certain what its fate will be this year.

Events for 2022-23 should be announced around July 1, 2022. While our July 2 launch will not see any contest flying one can still fly in the categories likely to be included in next year's NRC to prepare flightworthy rockets.




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