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NRC Contest Flying to Date

2 weeks 5 days ago #10845 by smaire
NRC Contest Flying to Date was created by smaire
With one club launch left in the season, our contest flying efforts are bearing fruit. A quick summary of where the club's flyers stand from the National Scoreboard.

1/4A SD. B division, David L is in 4th place. In C division, Stephen M is in 14th and Mike L in 20th.

1/2A RG. C division Stephen M in 10th

A PD. B division Greg L will be in 3rd when results are confirmed. C division Rick H is in 21st, but C division results will change when results from later events are confirmed. Later results will put Stephen M and Rick H in at 12th-14th place and Guy W at 22nd.

A HD. C division Stephen M at 14th when results are confirmed.

B Alt. C division Rick H at 11th, Mike L will be at 13th/14th when results of a later launch are confirmed.

As a section, CMASS is at 14th place.

Among the national championship rankings, high points on the board are 47. Rick H has 32, Stephen M,  24 and Ed P-G, 20. Note that to qualify for this all events must be flown so each of us has some gaps to fill to qualify.

Come on out and give competition flying a try. For the basic events like SD, PD and Alt just about any bird will give you a qualified flight. And yet, as the launches of the past several months have also shown, getting qualified flights consistently is a challenge.

Good flying.


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2 weeks 5 days ago #10846 by RHobbs1
Replied by RHobbs1 on topic NRC Contest Flying to Date
Thanks for the updates. So now it looks like I'll have to do more NRC building over the winter, along with the rest of my pile.
I'm a little burnt out on building. All summer long I've been bringing at least two new rockets to every launch. This Saturday I'm thinking I might just fly a few of my favorites, burn up a few packs of engines and call it a season. But I'll have the rockets I've been using for NRC in any case.
I had a new B Altitude design to try, but I test flew it on an A8-3 this past Sunday and it showed a distinctive wobble. So I won't be flying that one.
This has been an interesting challenge. I think it's a great way to develop one's overall rocketry skills. But seeing as how this is our last launch of the season coming up, I just want to drill a few holes in the sky.
Thanks to all for a great season.

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