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10/23/21 Contest Flying in Amesbury

1 month 4 days ago #10793 by smaire
10/23/21 Contest Flying in Amesbury was created by smaire
8 contest flights were flown in Amesbury the other week in B Altitude, 1/4A SD, A PD and 1/2A RG.

Rick Hobbs scored his best yet single flight for A PD at 38 seconds. He matched this with a best flight to date in B Altitude of 179 meters. !/4A SD was a mixed bag. Ed Pattison-Gordon flew for 9 seconds on a single flight, while Stephen Maire had a 2 flight total of 31 seconds. Stephen Maire's 1/2A RG had a good first flight of 40 seconds, while the second flight, unfortunately DQ'd.

How tough is the national competition? CMASS contest flying to day will have CMASS fliers in the top 10 or top 10 of the events when all the results are posted. But, as the flying to date also shows, the challenge is to get the flights consistent. Good luck.

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