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Old Motors

1 month 4 hours ago #10493 by BDB
Replied by BDB on topic Old Motors
I have a few old motors that someone gave me at a RIMRA launch. I don't even know what brand most of them are. I'll bring them to the next Acton launch if anyone wants to take a look.

I figure I need to try to fly them, but it would have to be in something "disposable."

- Brenton (Esther's dad)

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4 weeks 2 days ago #10494 by deangelo54
Replied by deangelo54 on topic Old Motors
There is a saying, "Old motors never die, they just CATO."
Last year I built a rocket that I named CATO-1. The purpose of the rocket was to use some Estes E16's that Curtis gave me. I also had some E12's complements of Curtis.
I gave the E12's to Tony and to the best of my knowledge, they did not CATO. Tony used them in a rocket that he designed and built that can take a lick'n and keep on tick'n.
I only had a problem with one of the two E16's and the damage to the CATO-1 was repairable.
As usually happens when I build a rocket that I say is disposable, eventually I become emotionally attached to it. So far I have flown it 8 times. Mostly on E30-4's.
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