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Boyce 1:14 Scale Nike Hercules

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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #10904 by TimDawson
Boyce 1:14 Scale Nike Hercules was created by TimDawson
I've always thought that the Nike Hercules was one of the meanest looking missiles out there, and Boyce Aerospace Hobbies has a very nice model that does it justice.

Right from the beginning, you have to make a choice: A Two-Stage version or a Single-Stage version (they both cost the same).  Boyce says that electronic timers and ignition is required to fly the kit as a two-stage model.  I bought the two-stage kit but I'll never fly it as a two-stage model.  I want to be able to fly the upper stage by itself, which buying the the two-stage version allowed me.  And I want to be able to fly the model as the full Single-Stage kit.  I'll get into the modification I had to do in a sec.

Since the parts from Boyce were 3D Printed, I thought I would try Acetone Vapor Exposure to help with sanding.  My conclusion is that it is not worth it.  Even when it worked good, like on the booster fins, I still had to sand a lot, because now there was a bulge of ABS buildup on the bottom of the fins where it should be thinnest.  Between that and the risk of destroying the part, not worth it.

The kit is for 24mm motors, both upper stage and booster.  The instructions would have you limit the 24mm booster motors to 2.75 inch, while the upper stage is allowed to use 3.75 inch motors.  There is enough room in the boosters, so this was my first mod to the kit.  It probably means I'll be flying with 4 spacers in place whenever I fly, but so be it...

Turning the two-stage kit into a functioning single-stage kit required heavy mod of the booster to sustainer transition.  Two of the tubes came with electronics bays and I had to turn them into plain tubes, allowing the motor gasses to get to the transition.  Next I had to break-thru the transition in four places.  I sealed everything up with model putty and epoxy.  For connecting the upper stage to the booster, I bought an extra Upper-Stage Motor Screw-On Retaining Ring.  I epoxied it into the transition and now the two pieces screw together like a bottle of soda. It would have been easier to buy the single-stage version and then buy the parts needed for the upper stage motor mount.

Flying the upper stage alone requires more weight in the nose than the full model does.  I haven't sealed up the nose yet, but I plan to put enough in for an E12, and that should be good for anything.  Simulators are saying I'm going to need around 2 ounces of weight.

I painted the booster all olive drab, except for the white fins. Decals are from Stickershock.

Very happy with the kit.  Just wish it was bigger!!!
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1 year 1 month ago #10905 by deangelo54
Replied by deangelo54 on topic Boyce 1:14 Scale Nike Hercules
That's a beautiful kit to say the least. I look forward to seeing this year.

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