Our launch fees remain the same as last year.

Here are the details:

All adult flyers must have either a Season Pass or pay a fee for a Walk On Pass.

  • A Season Pass costs $20 and is only available to paid up CMASS members. It will be good for the entire flying season regardless of when your membership expires and is above the membership fee.
  • A Walk On Pass costs $5 and is good for one flyer for one day. It can only be purchased at a launch and allows for unlimited flights that day.

If you join CMASS at a launch then you get that day's flying for free. For future launches you will need to buy a Season Pass or pay for a one-day Walk On Pass.

An adult can have children fly under his Pass. An adult's Pass covers any children attending the launch with them. This applies to their own children as well as Y, Scout, CAP and other groups.

We'll have printed Season Passes and Walk On cards.

Please keep in mind that these fees are solely for the purpose of covering what the club is being charged to use the fields. I'm sure there will be someone who thinks his $20 or $5 is buying him the services of CMASS. We still need everyone's help in running the launches or they won't happen. You still have to eat the hot dogs, too.