Our next scheduled launch is on 27 July in Acton.

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      CMASS hosted three ARC launches at the Acton field this year: Mar 9 (see previous article), 24, and Apr 7. In addition, Guy and myself helped the Masconomet team on Apr 1 at their high school. Three teams (Manchester-by-the-Sea, Masconomet, and Norton) were at the Mar 24th trials. It was cold and windy, with winds blowing toward the trees; so not a great day for flying. There were several flights but only practice flights. No one was willing to try a qualifying flight that day. A wise decision as at least three rockets landed in the trees.

      The Masconomet team did not want to wait until the weekend before the deadline for their qualification flights. So they held their own launch at their high school after class on Monday, Apr 1st. As all of the school's fields were being used by various sports teams, the flights were launched in the parking lot. They made five flights that afternoon, unfortunately their scores were not good and they most likely will not make the finals. However, they have a good team; and Ryan Quadros has done a really good job mentoring them. They'll be back!

      Four teams showed up for the final ARC launch on Apr 7th: Andover Phillips Academy, Norton, Manchester-by-the-Sea and Groton High Schools. It was also cold and windy that day with the winds also blowing toward the trees. Phillips had some good qualifying flights. I only remember their first score and it was just over 9. So, they could be in the running for the finals! Unfortunately, the qualifying flights for the other teams either were disqualified, or the scores were not good. And there were a couple of rockets landed in the trees as well.

      Congratulations to the Groton Team though! They passed their practical exam for admission to the MIT Rocket Club!

      Thanks to Kenn, Guy, Frank and Stephen M for helping out. Our first launch of the season is Apr 20th at Woodsom Farm in Amesbury! Be There!