Our next scheduled launch and NRC event will be on 22 June in Acton.

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acton rain or shine 20230611 1333301886     The Cricketeers were back on the field when members arrived to set up; but they left the field with no issue. It was overcast throughout the day with some showers in the afternoon that temporarily stopped launching with temps in the 70's and for the most part a moderate breeze. Even with the stoppage and no Scout Troops we still got in 210 flights. The trend is definitely moving up.
     The motor range was from 13mm A up to G, a couple of CATO's that I saw and a couple that landed in the trees. We had at least five competition flights. The four that I saw were all by Stephen M. Pemberton Technologies was well represented with launches of some very nice renditions of Space Ark Jr, Little Bucky Jones, and Screamin' Green Meanie (Tonyvolatile skies 20230611 1805420994 V, Bruce S, Rob C). We also had a six Mega Mosquito Drag Race. I don't know who won, but Deb lost as hers did not leave the pad on the first try. Some other notable launches were Bruce Strong's Eiffel Tower; a really nice Pink Crayon (Jim Salem); Scott Clement's Asta; my own tribute to Timothy Leary; and over 18-rated Dude Clone. We did have two horizontal flights; Rod Thomas's Mini Wallace & Gromit and Bruce Strong's Der Bronze Max both went a little squirrelly. And finally, the first launch of the day was an Alpha. I don't know how often that happens, but I find it strangely significant. Now if Estes would only make an Omega...
     Acknowledgements to Kenn, Guy, Matt, Scott, Tony, Ed, and everyone else that helped with set-up, take-down and food sales. Special acknowledgements to Tim D for taking over trailer duties from Guy as he treks across Route 66. Pictures are in the Gallery. Please post yours. Our next launch is July 15th in Acton.



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