Our next scheduled launch is on 27 July in Acton.

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CMASS held the last of this year's TARC-only launches on Sunday, April 2. TARC teams had until midnight Monday to submit their qualification flight scores, so this launch was their last chance to have their flights witnessed by senior NAR members. Accordingly, this launch was well attended: teams from 8 schools made 26 flights, 13 of which were qualification attempts.

  • Landmark School - 1 qualification flight
  • Deerfield Academy - 4 test flights, 2 qualification (α)
  • Needham High - 1 test, 2 qualification
  • Groton School - 2 test, 2 qualification
  • Norton High - 3 qualification
  • Lextington High (2 teams) - 5 test, 2 qualification (β)
  • Westborough High - 1 test
  • Wayland High - 1 qualification

(α) One qualification flight didn't count because the AeroTech engine failed to fire its ignition charge (rocket came in ballistic and was completely demolished).

(β) One qualification flight didn't count because the payload was unrecoverable (caught in the top of a tree).

It was a blustery day. Even though Guy and Kenn set up the launch pads as far away from Rocket Eating Forest as possible, while still keeping them on the field, the forest lived up to its name. Howard and Jim Salem, who have years of experience exploring the forest from end to end, including the other side of the river!, set out on an expedition that returned some of the rockets.