Our next launch is scheduled for 01 October in Amesbury and will be sponsored by Fliskits.

The AFD has given us the go-ahead for our launch; now the weather will be our only concern.

CMASS Flag 3

We'll still need to have you read the COVID-19 restrictions
and bring the signed form to the launch.

Check your email for information about our upcoming video meetings.

Sign up for something on the Launch Duty List.

Check GO/NO GO status call or text our Launch Hotline, 857-24-CMASS (857-242-6277) after 7 AM the day of scheduled launch.

Watch for upcoming opportunities to volunteer and help keep our club launches going.

Wanting to keep the launch articles in order, I'll put this up for now and try to flesh it out. An attempt at a seven-way Mega Mosquito drag race and many other things.

There was some FAI practice and the end of the NRC local flights for the 2021/2022 competition season.

No July launch due to a bad looking weather forecast that ended up being worse than the actual weather.