Our next three launches are for ARC practice & qualification.

The first will be on 09 March at the Acton field. (03 March was wrong; thanks, Frank, for the heads-up)

The 2024 Launch Schedule is now published with the Acton dates

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Mother Nature gave us a little cooperation for our first launch in October. We had no rain and some wind. Unfortunately for our High-power flyers, the wind was blowing toward the wires so we were limited to low-and mid-power flights. Even with that restriction, we put 218 rockets in the air. It was a great day for saucers, pyramids and spools but lots of people figured out how to fly with ‘chutes and streamers and still not have to walk too far for their recovery. The wind kept the contest flying to a minimum so we’re hoping for better condition next time.

Scott Clement broke out part of his Halloween collection much to the delight of the crowd. Jim and Liz along with John, usual HPR flyers, managed to have a good time in the mid-power realm. We had many family groups (as many as three generations at once) launching lots of rockets; lots of new families and some from early on in the club’s history. There were many drag races where some went better than others; still, seeing two out of three Mega Mosquitos go up at once was pretty impressive.

We even had a visit from John Harland and his family. John was our long time Safety Check person and distributed most of his rocket collection to others when he decided to cut back on actively flying. Many of his rockets are still taking to the wild blue yonder.

Thanks as always to those who volunteered to set up, run the launch, tear down and pack away. Many hands make for better days for all. Due to scheduling conflicts, our first launch in November has been moved to Sunday the 7th and will include a night launch. Get some lights, do some daylight practice flights and join the fun of night launches at both November dates.