Our next launch is scheduled for 03 September in Acton. Let's hope the cricketeers stay home or vacate the field without a discussion before 10 AM.

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acton 9 5 20200906 1249276953Just as last time, we set up all 11 launch pads and Guy's 10/10 rail, and only 8 pads were wired; the launch session ran from 10 am to 2 pm and no food was served. And again, it all worked really well! The state mandated outside gathering limit was 50 people, and we were able (just) to keep ourselves legal, even with a group of Civil Air Cadets from Worcester. Temps were in the 70's with a moderate to strong wind blowing toward the trees (not good). We had 177 flights ranging from 13 mm A's to our max of G motors. The trees did take their share of rockets. At least five went in; don't know how many came out. (The five does not include my G Force!) We also had two CATO's.

We started off our end-end-of summer launch appropriately with Scott Clement's 'Corn on the Cob'. He later served up desert with his 'Ice Cream Cone'. Steve Kranish and Gordon Strodel both had their remote controlled gliders. Steve's was very impressive with flight times of more than 5 minutes (I actually think we left him there after we tore down the equipment at the end of the day!). There were about 10 cadets of the Worcester Cadet Squadron-Civil Air Patrol, along with parents and their squadron leader, Joe Zwirblia. They launched a number of Alpha III's on Estes A motors. All seemed to work well for them, and they appreciated all the help they received from CMASS (thanks especially to Frank, Linda and Dan Shea). Pictures are in the Gallery, please g force g80 4 redline 20200908 1516080414post yours.

Ok, back to the title. There were at least 4 Cornell alumni at the launch! It was like a reunion! - although one spanning a couple of generations. Undergrad classes of '77, '07, '09; and grad school classes of '84 and '15 were in attendance. Hail, oh hail, Cornell!

Thanks again to everyone for abiding by the Covid guidelines. It really makes things a lot easier for everyone. Thanks also to Guy and Kenn for manning the launch table most of the day, and to Howard, Tony, Frank, Linda, Jim Salem and everyone else who helped with set up and take down.

Our next launch is Sept 19th at Woodsom Farm in Amesbury - bring your HPR!