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 launch field 20190812 1990572723     After a four year absence, the prodigal son, Dan Shea, has returned to New England and to CMASS. At Saturday's launch, he regaled us with his wonderful tales from the rocketry back waters of Michigan and the Florida panhandle, and enthralled us with his launching prowess by launching his 'Little Red Rocket' eleven times! In his honor we feasted on hot dogs, snacks, Orange Crush and cake! (OK, the cake was actually for Matt's birthday; but it fits better with this story line.) We all are excited for Dan's attendance at our future launches! Welcome home Dan!

      The weather was a lot better than the last launch; not nearly as hot and some clouds to block the sun. It was windy though, and for most of the day the wind blew toward the trees. By my estimate, we had around 50 to 60 people at peak and over 30 vehicles. Now for the numbers: we had 155 'woosh-pops' on Saturday. That included 14 two-stage rockets, which I guess technically is woosh-woosh-pop; a two motor cluster - woosh-woosh-pop-pop; three motor cluster - woosh-woosh-woosh-pop-pop-pop; and a two motor cluster, two-stage rocket - woosh-woosh, woosh-woosh-pop-pop. Great... now I lost track of my wooshes and my pops! However, I do know the range was 1/2A through G77. Howard again tested the limits of the field with his Falcon 10 launched on a G77, which probably did hit 1000 ft and returned safely to the field with the use of Chute Release. Very nicely done! Mike Gallo launched a very nice Apogee Saturn V also on a G77. It was a great flight but unfortunately landed in the trees. He did get back the bottom half. Hopefully, he will get the top half back soon. We did lose a few other rockets as well in the trees and in the squash field. Scott Clement launched his 'Soft Serve' from his summer series and Jim Flis was there too - just launching for fun! Pictures are in the Gallery; please post yours.woosh pop 20190812 1390225482

      Yes it was Matt's birthday and his wife brought a very nice and tasty cake to celebrate. Thanks to Matt and his wife!

      After the launch the crew headed to the True West Brewery to drink beer - and then to the West Creamery for ice cream! Many thanks to all those who volunteered: Kenn Blade, Guy Wadsworth, Frank and Linda DeAngelo, Matt and Carmine Laudatto, Ed Pattison-Gordon, Todd Lainhart, Tony Vincent and all those I forgot to mention.

      Will contest flying return to CMASS? Stay tuned boys and girls because our next launch is again in Acton on Aug 24th - same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!