We will host a TARC launch on 15 May in Amesbury.

The next scheduled club launch is 22 May in Acton where we won't have to worry about errant high-power rockets.

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It was hot. Cue Smash Mouth. I don't know what the max temperature was but when I left the field at 3:00, it was 97°F. But that didn't apollo 50 20190721 1662484212
stop people from coming out and launching. I estimated between 50 and 75 people at midday, not including Troop 107 from Grafton with at least 20 scouts and attending parents. But that number did start waning as the day moved on. We had 170 flights, which would be a good day normally, considering we shut down launching at 2:00, that is a lot of flights. The motor range was 1/2 A through G80; with clusters, 2 stage and one 3 stage (13mm Comanche) rockets. I don't remember any CATO's or even any that left the field. And of course, since it was the 50th Anniversary, a lot of Saturn's! Actually, a lot of very nice Saturns! We also had two FlisKits Nell's launched from a Nell launch pad and one FlisKits L13 (another Goddard Rocket).

Of course, it is not a CMASS anniversary launch without cake. Ed brought a 'Moon Footprint cake' that was amazing to see and very good to eat. Although the footprint was melting by the end of the day!

Frank and Linda DeAngelo ran the 'Land the Eagle' contest in honor of the 50th Anniversary. The closest landing to a flag in the middle of a 30m diameter octagon won a prize. They did all of the work for it: set up, measurements, take down. A lot of work, especially on that hot day. The winners, distance and prizes were:

Adult Division

1st - Ed Pattison-Gordon, 11.20m, FlisKits Bulls Eye

2nd - David Kress, 11.35m, FlisKits MAKO

Junior Divisionnell in her launch stand 20190722 2040200924

1st - Tennyson Davy (Pack 107), 0.60m, Estes Shuttle Express

2nd - Jeffery Parker (Pack 107), 11.95m, Estes Make-It-Take-It

3rd -  Alex Kersha 12.65m, Estes Make-It-Take-It

The 'Congeniality Prize' of a Saturn V key chain went to Tony Vincent for donating his 3rd place prize to the Junior Division and an anonymous family for 'a valiant effort to try and land a rocket in the circle'! Prizes donated by Frank, Guy and Kenn.

Many thanks to all those who volunteered - especially on this hot day: Kenn Blade, Guy Wadsworth, Frank and Linda, Matt Laudato, Howard Greenblatt, Todd Lainhart, Ed Pattison-Gordon, Tony Vincent, Dan Petrie. I know I am missing others, but your efforts are no less appreciated. Pictures are in the Gallery, please add yours.

Our next launch is Aug 10th in Acton.