We held a joint launch with MMMSC at their field in Berwick, Maine, on the 7th of July and were greeted with very good conditions. The winds were light and, generally, in a favorable direction. There was a freshly harvested area we could launch from and set up close to (some could park right there, others had to park a couple hundred yards away). We had a total of 86 launches with one L3 Cert and only a few catos. If you missed this launch, MMMSC is having another one on 21 July and everyone is welcome.

Robert and Gloria were there vending all their great stuff and Gloria took care of the food prep. Jim Flis was there as part of his farewell tour as he closes his business down by the end of this year.

When we get some pictures posted in the gallery, I’ll add a couple to this article. Last month’s joint launch with RIMRA only had three CMASS flyers on hand and no one had a camera.

We’ll likely declare another joint launch in August if we can’t find any other place to fly on our own. Keep an eye on the website for the latest details.