We Need You ! Please sign up for any of the following launch duties. Volunteers are needed at every event and training is provided. Its easy and fun to help CMASS run a launch.



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Just so you know, the Day Pass ($5) and the Season Pass ($20) are used solely to pay the city/town for the field use fees. All those friendly people you see running the launch volunteer their time; before, during and after. The Food Service funds the launch equipment and maintenance, so it is true that CMASS runs on hot dogs. Please volunteer an hour of your time a couple times a year to keep the rockets flying.



LCO (Launch Control Officer) - Be the one who pushes the "Launch" button !

RSO (Range Safety Officer) - Examine rockets for flight worthyness and assign them to a launch pad.

Food Service - Cook hot dogs, sell food, drinks and snacks.

No Shuttle in Acton

Shuttle Driver - Give people a ride from the parking area to the launch site. Drive the CMASS Shuttle for one hour between 10AM to 5PM. Vehicle provided (Chevy HHR courtesy of Bob K) - Manual transmission, can you drive a stick shift ?


Questions? Need training?? Please post your questions here


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LCO - Saturday 24-Aug-2013 - Acton, MA

11-12noon - LCO: Bill Spadafora - Thank you Bill !

12-1pm - LCO: Bob Krech - Thank you Bob !

1-2pm - LCO: Tony Vincent and LCO in training Cole Dubois - Thank you Tony and Cole !

2-3pm - LCO: your_name_here

3-4pm - LCO: your_name_here


RSO - Saturday 24-Aug-2013 - Acton, MA

11-12noon - RSO: Daniel Shea

12-1pm - RSO: Daniel Shea

1-2pm - RSO: Guy Wadsworth - Thank you Guy !

2-3pm - RSO: Daniel Shea and RSO in training Matt Laudato

3-4pm - RSO: Daniel Shea


Food Service - Saturday 24-Aug-2013 - Acton, MA

Pre-launch - Buyer: RoyTuinila / Claude Maina / Jason Nadeau - thank you ! !

1130-1pm - Chef 1: Matt Laudato - Thank you Matt !

( Here's your training: (1) Boil water; (2) Add hot dogs; (3) Remove when they float; (4) Serve hot on a roll ! )

1130-1pm - Chef 2: your_name_here


Shuttle Driver - Saturday 24-Aug-2013 - Acton, MA

No CMASS Shuttle service needed at the Acton, MA launch site.

Next CMASS Shuttle is Saturday 28-Sep-2013 - Amesbury, MA.