Our next scheduled launch and NRC event will be on 22 June in Acton.

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 We had two very different days for our launches in Acton this year. The first on August 13th was a hot and clear day with little wind. The photo on the left shows only some of the cars. We had 350 flights, the most we've ever had at an Acton launch. August 27th was much different. It was cooler and the sky was overcast most of the day. With the threat of rain coming in ahead of hurricane Irene attendance was lighter as you can see from the cars in the photo on the right. The rain turned out to be more than just a threat. Checking the weather radar at 1:00 it was clear that we had to be off the field by 2:30 if we planned to stay reasonably dry. After a little over 200 flights we wrapped things up at 2:00 and were on the road just as the rain started. Check the Gallery for pictures and the Forum for videos. The Gallery is available for everyone to share their photos. Just upload them to the "Category" for the day.