We will host a TARC launch on 15 May in Amesbury.

The next scheduled club launch is 22 May in Acton where we won't have to worry about errant high-power rockets.

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 I want to thank everyone who helped out at the Cub Scout launch, and especially David Mackiernan, aka Hot Rod Lincoln, who got up real early and drove 100+ miles up from Falmouth on Cape Cod to tow the CMASS trailer from Saugus to the launch.

On the coast, the sun never made it out. It was only 70 degrees and a bit humid with fog and low clouds all day, but since there was only a slight breeze off the water, it was a fun launch with not too many lost rockets. We had only about 1/3 as many Scouts as last year, but those who attended really wanted to be there, and virtually all the rocket were assembled properly, and many launched several times. We set up the pads on the lawn directly east of the farm house and launched into the wind over the fields. The rockets that didn't have a good deployment landed in the hay fields away from the crops, and most of those with good deployments landed in the launch ring or on the lawn behind it. No stomped crops this year!

Kenn Blade and John Harland performed as the LCO and RSO for the launch. Alan Swanson assumed his usual role as traffic director and kept the scouts in line. Peter Graves, Rand Hoven, Claude Maina, David Mackiernan, Ross Kelly, and I helped the Scouts out at the pads and answered a lot of questions for the scouts and the parents. (I think I remembered everyone who helped out. If I left you out, please send me an e-mail.)

Pratt Hobby Shop from Georgetown provided on-field supplies for the Scouts.

We started launch at 10:15 or so when the fog lifted, and launched 229 rockets, and closed up at 1:30 to make sure we we'd be long gone before the thunder showers arrived

 Here is a link to some videos and pictures submitted by Jim Kottas (Westford Troop 195):