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What are you working on in the Winter of 2017

1 year 5 months ago #8487 by John Buscaglia
While I appreciate all the work you've been doing on the club's equipment, Guy, you really ought to move some of your rocket builds further up the queue.

I've got a million (slight exaggeration) kits and half-finished projects to choose from. I've got an Estes Quinstar and Twin Factor that I hope to get built this winter, plus get the balsa sealed on a bunch of models in the paint queue.

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  • Ed Pattison-Gordon
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1 year 5 months ago #8491 by Ed Pattison-Gordon
I hope to finish the re-build of my level-1 scratch-built rocket, the original version of which spent the night in the Powwow River after its 3rd flight. This version will use 38mm motors, up from 29mm. I'm down to gluing fin fillets and the rear centering ring, painting the nose cone, and attaching rail buttons. I'm slightly optimistic about finishing it by April.

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1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #8492 by John Buscaglia
Oh, no! Someone must have hacked Ed's account and is posting on the forum!

Last Edit: 1 year 5 months ago by John Buscaglia.

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1 year 5 months ago #8494 by Guy Wadsworth

John Buscaglia wrote: Oh, no! Someone must have hacked Ed's account and is posting on the forum!


Not only that, but judging by the discussion at last night's meeting, they know enough to do a good job of impersonating him as well!

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1 year 4 months ago #8495 by Scott Smulski
I've got the Estes STM-012 & Super Alpha in progress on the bench. After those are complete I'll be planning out my approach to the TLP Pershing as its whispering in my ear. Not sure if it'll get built this year, but at least I'll have a plan of attack. On another note, thanks to Kenn, Guy, Claude, (et al) who make this club run and enhance the model rocket experience thru their time and effort making CMASS a top notch club!

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1 year 4 months ago #8496 by Daniel Tyszka
So I've been quietly watching this thread. 2016 was not quite the year I had hoped for, rocketry-wise. For one thing, I only made it to 1 CMASS launch all year (and no meetings!) Long story short, life got busy for me and before I knew it, flying season was over.

But the posts on this thread (and some much-needed time off from work) have inspired me! Here's my list of rocketry goals for the winter build season and 2017:

My 2017 build queue:

1) Flis Kits S.P.A.D. (started today!)
2) Flis Kits Cheetah (w/ my son)
3) Estes Puma (Holiday gift from my son)
Stretch Builds for 2017:
4) Flis Kits Rot-a-Roc
5) Always Ready Rocketry Blue Phenix (for Level 1 HP Cert attempt...This one may actually spill into early 2018)

My Rocketry Goals for 2017:

- Fly my Estes Hi-Flier XL with keychain camera onboard to record in flight video. (Maybe also film launch from ground & quadcopter as well for multiple angles, if I can coordinate with others?) Thinking of flying on an Estes BP E9 or E12. (Fingers crossed hoping I can continue to avoid the purported E9 / E12 CATO curse with my E-motor inventory.)

- Fly my NCR SA-14 Archer again (after post-URRF3 zipper repair and recovery harness improvements) on a G40 or G80 AP motor

- Attend a few CMASS monthly meetings & launches in 2017, and become a more involved member / occasional volunteer.

- Present a dry-run of the research project I've been working on for NARAM-59 (or for possible submittal as a Sports Rocketry article) at an upcoming CMASS monthly meeting for peer review & comment.

- Make it back to Amesbury for a couple of CMASS launches in 2017...Really missed flying at that field during the drought last summer, and couldn't make it up there once the fire dept. cleared us to launch again.

- Make the trip up to Berwick for another MMMSC launch in 2017. Always a good trip!

- Attend NYPOWER 21 over Mem. Day weekend in Geneseo, Upstate NY...Annual father-son rocketry road trip weekend with my son this year.

- Attend NARAM-59 in Muskegon, Michigan in late July. Enter my research project in the R&D competition. And fly lots of rockets on the NARAM Sport range during the week. (My first-ever NARAM, in my childhood home state!)

Quite an ambitious list for me. Hoping I can make some of these "New Years Rocketry Resolutions" priorities and avoid having too many of them become "paving stones on the road to hell."

Best wishes to all for good health, good luck, and prosperity in the coming New Year, and hope to see you all on the fields soon!

(Love to read about other folks' 2017 rocketry goals as well.)

Dan Tyszka
CMASS member since 2013 / NAR # 95916

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