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08 July 2017 Launch in Acton

6 days 17 hours ago #8667 by Frank DeAngelo
At this point the replacement for the rocket that landed in the wires is almost complete. All that is left to do is adhere the launch lugs, the aft centering ring and the Estes 24 mm engine retainer. At this time the nose cone and transition are plastic but I have balsa parts on order from FlisKits. It will fly in Berwick on the 15th if we have a launch. If not then then the 29th in Berwick.

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4 days 15 hours ago #8668 by Frank DeAngelo
The replacement scratch built rocket was completed Friday night ready to fly in Berwick. Alas the launch was scrubbed due to low cloud cover. This time I documented most of the key elements of the build in case someone is interested in building a replica. I imagine it would look way better if I painted it.

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