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CMASS Equipment Identification

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9 months 1 week ago - 9 months 5 days ago #8599 by Alan S
Hello there. New for 2017 you will notice that some CMASS equipment has a new look. Its got a BLUE swatch ! Since we have started doing multiple joint launches with other rocket organizations, its sometimes hard to figure out at the end of the day which gear belongs to which club. One year a lot of the CMASS HP pad parts ended up in the MMMSC trailer since Bill had used a similar design and the paint colors were the same. So going forward any equipment that is generic (not custom to CMASS, like 10x10 rails for example) may have a (CMASS) blue paint swatch. Photos of some examples are attached below..

Also, click here for a "How To Article" (with pictures) on how to pack the HP pads in the storage trays. The pad parts really only go in one way to make them all fit and be able to stack the trays in the trailer. The article can also be accessed in the How To Articles section of the CMASS web site.

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9 months 6 days ago #8600 by Guy Wadsworth
Very Nice! Thanks for the refurb efforts!

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9 months 5 days ago #8601 by Boris Katan
More seriously:
Thank you for your work maintaining CMASS launch gear.
Blue stripe is a great idea.

Less seriously:
Maybe we should paint blue stripes on CMASS fliers as well to identify them more easily.
A blue dab on the nose would also serve as sunblock.

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