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Thank you flight crew April 22 2017 Amesbury

7 months 2 weeks ago #8616 by Frank DeAngelo
I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone from Saturday and throughout the years for all you do to make the hobby of rocketry possible. My tag line has always been, "It's not just about the rockets." Rocketry has provided the opportunity to get together with my family and their friends and enjoy each others company. I have met a lot of nice people through the years from rocketry and made friends with some people that extend beyond rocket launches. What I noticed when I first started attending CMASS launches is that whether you have a level 3 class rocket or an E2X kit, people treat you with the same respect and willingness to help you.

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  • Dominic Stevens
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7 months 2 weeks ago #8617 by Dominic Stevens
Years ago I googled "rockets/ Amesbury",.. and we arrived with our box of RTF's. Walking across the field as rockets were going up from the pads made me feel like the bumblebee girl in the Blind Melon video "No Rain". Thanks for all of you being there that day!

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