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What are you working on in the Winter of 2017

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10 months 4 weeks ago #8508 by Matthew Laudato
Lots of repairs, mostly to my own designs. Had a few shock cord failures on some low power birds so replacing many with a kevlar leader followed by sewing elastic. Rockets on the repair bench include
- Wrong Way (2x18mm rear eject)
- Super Delta (scratch Super Alpha with the fins clipped to a more modest delta)
- D-Region Tomahawk
- Refitted the Madcow Aerobee-Hi to use motor eject at apogee followed by altimeter controlled charge-based main deploy

Also continuing design and documentation of my L3 rocket. Hope to get that doc off to Robert soon to begin the build.

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10 months 2 weeks ago #8512 by Michael Lehmann
I just started working on a 1/13 scale Mercury Redstone. The kit was made by Polecat and came to me via Howard G. (Thanks again Howard) I've managed to get the A/V bay done and have started on the escape tower and motor mount. The plan is to have it ready for LDRS36 in April and the first CMASS launch in April as well.
I have a couple of other projects I hope to get to too. One being an Apogee Saturn V and the other is a 4"Madcow AGM33 Pike that needs a little body work and a paint job.

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9 months 3 weeks ago #8517 by Daniel Petrie
Slowly building new rockets. I'm saving up to replace the Jolly Logic Chute Release and other stuff I lost last season.

Also, going to NARCON tomorrow!

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9 months 3 days ago #8537 by Frank DeAngelo
Hi Brenton, I'm Frank DeAngelo (Scion). My friend Sal really liked your rocket that you had at the December Berwick launch. The one with the slick green paint in which you used nylons to apply the paint. He would like to buy that kit for himself. Could you please tell me the name, who makes it and where you bought it.

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8 months 3 weeks ago #8556 by Brenton DeBoef
Hi Frank (and Sal). The rocket was a Terrodactyl from Binder Design: binderdesign.com/store/page2.html

I have built two Binder kits thus far (Terrodactyl and Tyrannosaur). Despite the fact that I've crashed both of them in Berwick, I still really like them because they can be built using the same techniques that you would use for a PSII kit. I built the Terrodactyl with wood glue and used Rocketpoxy for the fillets.

I'm literally working on the repair from that December "flight" right now. The "up part" was great that day (Loki I316), but my charges were undersized and didn't eject the main. Super frustrating, but the damage to the one fin is repairable. I still want to use this kit for my L2 attempt.

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8 months 3 weeks ago #8558 by Frank DeAngelo
Hi Brenton,
Thanks for getting back to me. Just the other day Sal was asking if I had any information about the kit. That could be a great project for Sal and I to collaborate on. It sure is a big kit at 72'' long and 4'' wide. Between the both of us we have the known how and technology to built and fly the kit. At this time I am doing the fin fillets with epoxy for my Executioner. I just checked out Rocketpoxy on the Apogee site, looks interesting. Do you find it easier to use for fillets than epoxy?

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