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What are you working on in the Winter of 2017

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1 year 6 days ago #8480 by Kenn Blade
In an effort to keep a forum thread active through the downtime in our launch schedule, please post information (including pictures) of what you're building or repairing this winter.
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1 year 2 days ago #8481 by Boris Katan
My plans are to build and prep for LDRS this spring in Maryland, and to repair several projects that had "non-nominal" flights this year.
54mm K1440 minimum diameter flying motor tube, (with nose cone containing recovery) attempting to break 2000mph.
Resurrect the Nitro Fireball clustered first stage (add motors) + 6x small second stage rockets (motor ignition this time)

HellBoy 2-stage 70 motor launch (repeat of 2012 flight)
Cabon Weasel md 38mm with J530 (max impulse CTI 38mm) to break mach 2
Golden Arrow on L935 (max impulse CTI 54mm)

Midnight Express
Seis (Fliskits 24mm Tres +3 motors)
RC Eee glider

Thank you for starting this thread Ken.
Writing this down increases the likelihood that I will do these things :)

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1 year 1 day ago #8482 by Robert Veilleux
Building a Mad Cow screech with a 38mm motor mount, Mad Cow Frenzy with a 38mm motor mount, and a Mad Cow Bomarc with a 29mm motor mount. I'm hoping to make either the Frenzy or the Screech into my first dual deploy rocket, I might need some advice in the near future.
I plan on making a new and improved version of my scratch built Sharky rocket, so I will have more stable flights with a less powerful motor. I'm working on a few more prototypes and I'm hoping to have twelve new rockets/kits ready for sale next spring.

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1 year 23 hours ago - 1 year 23 hours ago #8484 by Claude Maina
OK here are some of mine for the winter


FLV - Foam Launch Vehicle. The center sustainer took some damage when only the side pods lit. Jim got a good picture of it on the FlisKits web site. I have a stack of Dunkin Donut cups, so I'm OK.

HPPT-1. This is just a scratch built, 3F&NC, dual deploy with 38mm motor. It needs a new electronics bay.

A Block. This is a scratch built, 7 - 24mm cluster. The aft ends of the motor mounts are pretty beat up and need some epoxy reinforcing.

Edmonds Gemini Thunder. This never flew well and I want to see if I can convert it into two boost gliders. Not sure if it will work or how I'm going to do it, but I'll give it a try.


I have a few kits that I plan to build stock this winter: FlisKits Tiberius, Estes Twin Factor and Black Star Voyager, Squirrel Works Mega Baron.

I also plan to build another UFFO; this time with a 29mm motor mount to handle an Estes F15-4 motor. It's to be used with crepe paper streamers. The UFFO launched with a 24mm E9 motor works well, but hopefully the F15 will take it higher. Jim thinks it will work and I have his blessing!

I also plan to build two originals I found on TRF; Fractal and Spider . Odd rockets are really good for the 6th grade launch I do every year. The kids really like them and they spark a lot of questions and discussions. Which is mostly an excuse, because I like them too!
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1 year 1 hour ago #8485 by Guy Wadsworth
Too Many projects to realistically get them all done:

1) Refurb CMASS and MMMSC launch controllers for Anderson Connectors and digital VOM's.
2) Build more thru-the-box continuity check relay boxes for both clubs and increase the relay capacitor so that they won't chatter in the cold.
3) Rehab CMASS and MMMSC cables.
4) Build an 8 pack controller for Jason of AMW fame.
5) Refurb Yellow Crayon Rocket, Fliskit Bullseye,
6) Kit builds of LOC Viper III, Rocketry Warehouse Lil Rascal.
7) Original builds of Nut Job and Tri-pull.
8) Any one of 100 other kits/things in the wings if I get the time... ;)
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11 months 4 weeks ago - 11 months 4 weeks ago #8486 by Howard Greenblatt
We did some home renovations in our basement the past few months and I finally have a new workroom - woohoo! My plan this winter of course is to finally build my 8" diameter Talon for my level 3. I have a couple of other projects in the works but I have already received serious threats from the Talon parts from years of neglect so that takes highest priority. #FirstWorldProblems.
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