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7 years 11 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #5273 by Howard Greenblatt
Information about the next upcoming launch will be posted here.

Please note: After the launch this thread will be cleared out for the next launch so if you want to post anything permanent, please start a new thread.


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4 weeks 10 hours ago #9442 by Kenn Blade
Our first club launch in Amesbury for 2019 will be on 27 April. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities still available to help things move along smoothly. Our next launch likely won't be until July so make sure to come to this one and help out.

We'll start set up around 9:30 and start flying about 10:30 or sooner (depending on how many help set up).

As of this posting, I'm not aware of any vendors who will be on the field. You'll need to bring all the motors and other supplies you'll need.

We'll keep an eye on the forecast for wind speed and direction as well as precipitation; check back toward the end of the week to see the status of our launch.

We want all of the flights to land back on the field. Lower flights and dual deploy/chute releases are always a good idea. Remember, some of the neighbors don't like us and those who do like us still want us to keep off of their property (ADVICE YOU SHOULDN'T NEED: if you do have to go onto someone's private property to retrieve a rocket, please go to their house first to let them know what is happening). Even our friends with the llamas need to know if we have to go into the pen; they now have some 300 lb rams that could do you some damage if they decide you would be fun to butt.

Our primary concern is safety but we're there to have fun, so let's do both.

Let us know what you'll be flying.

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4 weeks 4 hours ago #9443 by Kenn Blade
As an added bonus, Jim Moe is planning on bringing one of his telescopes to do some stargazing later in the evening. Weather, of course, will play a role in the event but it will give you a good excuse to come out with the crowd for dinner and then back to the field.

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3 weeks 4 days ago #9446 by Kenn Blade
The rain may end Saturday morning but the wind will be near our limit at its slowest all day. Sunday is only marginally better with half the wind speed but we'll move the launch to give ourselves a chance to better fly and recover our rockets. The prediction has the wind blowing up the hill toward the houses so plan accordingly; keep your flights low. HPR should expect to use dual-deploy or a chute release. If a rocket flies off the field, we'll have to impose further restrictions.

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3 weeks 2 days ago #9447 by Kenn Blade
Show up at 9:30 to help set up so we can get going quickly. The weather will dictate how long into the afternoon we go.
There will be no hot dog service.
Don't forget to volunteer for some launch duty.

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