Our next scheduled launch is on 27 July in Acton.

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2021 finale 20211121 1476710478The last launch of the season was a good one. Very little wind in the morning with variable wind in the afternoon, mostly blowing toward the parking area and house up the hill; mostly sunny skies and temps in the 40's. We had another large crowd and 238 flights ranging from 13 mm to I motors. There were 15 HPR flights, a lot for us, with several successful L1 certifications, including our own John Petrakis. John flew his Cherokee G on an Aerotech H165R - Congratulations! Two CATO's that I remember.

There were a few notable flights. Bruce Strong flew his 1912 Gunpowder twice. The first time was not so successful but the second flight on 2D12's few very nice. Joe Robinson flew his Deuce's Wild - significant because it was a Deuce's Wild not flown by Curtis! Only 2021 finale 20211121 2093107411two Christmas themed rockets, a Candy Cane and Christmas Tree rocket, both flown by myself. Steve Kranish flew his RC glider again. And just to show that he does not need RC to keep hang time duration in the minutes, flew a mini copter on a 1/4 A motor. It was up there for just as long! The highlight of the day launch was a 4-way Mega Mosquito drag race. A good ending to a good season. Let's not forget the night launch. A bit warmer with the usual suspects. Pictures are in the Gallery

Thanks again to everyone who attended for abiding by the Covid guidelines. Thanks to Guy and Kenn for their usual efforts; to Matt and Linda for their food service duties, and all those that stepped up for set up and take down.

Our next launch is the Winter Follies in January at Acton. Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!