Our next launch in Amesbury is delayed - date to be determined. Help out by signing up for some launch or driving duties.

This will be our last launch of the season. Keep and eye here for our Winter Follies launch in January.

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the crowd 20181106 1068527494Gnomes   ...   Gnomes   ...         So     many    Gnomes!

Of the 219 flights, we had at this past launch, 38 were Gnomes launched by Troop 635 of Melrose! It was a sunny but windy day. The wind died down a bit in the afternoon but didn't abate until we were taking down the pads at the end of the day. Still 219 flights is a pretty good day, wind or not. Virtually all were low power flights due to the wind and to a very prolific Troop 635. There were a few F motors flown, including Rod Thomas's Gemini Titan flown on two F32 motors, which was very nice - both the rocket and the launch. With Rod's other F motor and clusters flown that day, he gets the award for most total Newton-seconds burned! (Rod, you can collect your prize at the next launch - a Laurel, and Hardy handshake!) Jim Flis was there for a while in his new role - just to fly some rockets. We had no high-power flights. Jim estes v2 20181106 2042784274Moe's EZI-65 would have been the only high-power flight and the last one of the day but unfortunately it didn't make it off the pad. I remember two CATO's; one unfortunately was Guy's Viper III.

      Thanks to Kenn and Guy for manning the LCO and RSO table all day, to Mike DeAngelo for helping with food and everyone that helped set up and take down the equipment.

      Pictures are in the Gallery - please post yours. Our next and final launch is Nov 17th in Amesbury. This will also be our night launch!

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