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Our fall flying season started in Amesbury this year with a moderate kind of day. The skies were clear and the temperature wasn’t too bad but the wind was being uncooperative so we weren’t able to do any high-power launches. We also had to restrict mid-power flights to 1000-feet or less. With those restrictions, we squeezed out 134 flights for the day – a low number for Amesbury even without HPR. Scott Clement showed off many of his Halloween inspired rockets, each one more goulish than the last.

Despite the Youth Soccer League’s absence from Woodsom Farm, the parking lot was packed with cars of people participating in or watching some cross-country races that were starting from the farmland across Lion’s Mouth Road. This forced us to park more cars out on the field than we should have but our folks were pretty good about moving their vehicles down to the lot when space became available. With no shuttle vehicle that was a harder task for some to accomplish.

We were visited by some passersby who were curious about our hobby. We were able to set them up with a rocket and motor for them to try and they went away a little happier and with some interest in our future activities. We also had an unwelcome visitor with the appearance of a plane towing a banner. It made a very slow pass over the field and we all got a good reminder to contact Dig Safe before doing any kind of digging.

Thanks to the few people who volunteered to help out with set up, breakdown, food service, safety check and launch control. There are plenty of opportunities to help at the last two launches of the year so feel free to step up and help.



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