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poppie ii official crew connor harper twins 20170828 1150534905Another great day in Acton! Temperatures in the 70's, sunny and a moderate wind. Unfortunately the wind was blowing toward the trees at the far end of the field. But that was the only downside to an otherwise great day. We had a moderate crowd of about 50 people at it's max, and a couple of RC fliers at one end of the field. And both FlisKits and AMW were there. We had 217 flights from A to G and a dual F32 cluster. There were three treed rockets that I saw. The stand at the far end, got my Fractal and Jim Salem's Bucky Jones. And I believe Frank De-Angelo lost one in a tree on School St.

Richard Pelle and grand kids attended again with his water rocket. He made some modifications to his original design and it did launch. However, the chute did not deploy and it lawn darted. So, it's back to the drawing board. Hopefully we'll see him and his grand kids again soon. Boris, as usual, gave us a great 'clustered' saucer flight. We were also visited by out-of-state dignitaries - Joe Woodford, president of Northern Virginia Association of Rocketry (NOVAAR) and Dave Raimondi, president of LUNAR, the Livermore Unit of NAR, in California.official crew removes boo boo poppie ii from launch site 20170828 1925384990

Thanks to all who volunteered and especially to Joel Parness for trailering the CMASS trailer in Guy's absence. Pictures are in the Gallery.

Our next launch is the FlisKits Anniversary Launch at Woodsom Farm in Amesbury on Sept 16th - Games! Prizes! Fireworks! (no fireworks). But there will be cake!



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