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While the hay is growing and the bob-o-links are nesting in Amesbury, we take to the road to hold joint launches with our neighbors. May is our month to join MMMSC and enjoy the sod farm in Berwick, Maine, and enjoy it we did. The weather was beautiful from the outset with just some high clouds moving in later in the day. The wind was a little more than light and variable at the surface with the upper levels well predicted by the windy.com app. 

There were 172 launches in total ranging from A- to L-impulse. We had six successful L1 certifications and one L2. Unfortunately, two L2 cert attempts failed, one by CATO and the other by flying off the field and not being recovered until everyone else was gone. There were some other CATOs in both large and small black powder motors as well as composites. Our fire suppression crew did a great job of keeping even the worst of these problems contained with no lasting impact to the field. Take heart; while the Mega Der Red Max may be history, there is a Fiber Max available from AMWProX.

We had college teams in attnedance, lots of the usual fliers for Maine and even some people who had never been to Berwick before (like most, when you see it for the first time, you'll come back to fly there again). Fliskits was on the field and Jason covered AMWProX for all those needs. Both of our vendors also donated lots of goodies for a couple of raffles Scott held.

We have a gallery set up for you to upload your photos; I know there were lots of cameras and lots of action so let's see what you saw. 

Next month, we're off to West Kingston for our June joint launch with RIMRA.