Regrettably, we will not be rescheduling the 17 November launch so our season has come to an end.

The Winter Follies launch will be on the 19th of January in Acton at the School Street field.

Check GO/NO GO status; call or text our Launch Hotline, 857-24-CMASS (857-242-6277) after 7 AM the day of scheduled launch.

Watch for upcoming opportunities to volunteer and help keep our club launches going.

Please report website issues HERE.

Please read Launch Etiquette, Launch Schedule. Sign-up for launch duty.

launch field 20170423 1024486400Our first launch of the season - not including the Winter Follies - could have been the winter follies because the weather was that bad. No snow, but cold, damp and with misting and light showers most of the day. The cloud cover was very low - 400 to 700 ft and that really limited what could be flown, which was a shame because there was very little wind. Only four launch pads were set up, which was plenty and we decided not to open up the kitchen because of the low turnout. Both Fliskits and Animal Motor Works braved the weather and we are thankful that both showed up. There were at least three first-time rocketeers - dads with their kids in tow. They seemed to have had a good time even with the bad weather; hopefully they will return in better weather. With all that said, we had 74 launches from A through G. The G was a RoadRunner G80-7 that Jim must have found when he was moving because there haven't been any around for a while! It was a great flight and that ended the day for us. Pictures in the Gallery - please post yours!

           Our next launch is our joint launch with MMMSC on May 20th in Berwick. The weather's gotta be better.

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