The Winter Follies launch is a GO for the 19th of January in Acton at the School Street field.

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If CMASS were a college football team, this past Saturday would have been home coming! Although I'd hate to think what our record would be! This was only our second launch at Woodsom Farm. The previous launch was our first of the season back on April! The drought has wreaked havoc with our schedule this season.

But Saturday was a great day - temps in the 50's, sunny and no wind in the morning! The wind did pick up a bit in the afternoon and the clouds started to roll in sometime after 2:00. But overall a great day for flying.

Jim Flis was there and Jason represented AMW. There wasn't a big crowd; I counted somewhere between 50 and 60 people at about noon. But there was plenty of flying. 209 launches total, from MicroMaxx to J, and a hungry crowd too. It seemed pretty slow during lunch but at the end of the day, we sold more dogs and snacks than I expected.

We had a few Halloween-themed rockets mostly from Scott Clement, which are always great. My favorite is the exploding brain. I launched my Coffin Roc as well. There was one TARC team, and one successful L1 attempt. But the highlight, I think, was Scott Powers's radio controlled X-15 glider. He launched it at least three times, all on E motors (I think) and they were all great to see. Great flights and great landings!

Pictures are in the Gallery.

Our next launch is in Amesbury on Nov 5th.