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Ray at RIMRA Joint Launch Oct16Thanks to Guy Wadsworth for wrting up this article.

Flyers heading to the joint RIMRA, CMASS and CATO launch at the URI sod farm field in West Kingston, RI, had to deal with sometimes heavy fog during their drive. Luckily, the fog had lifted by the time setup began.

Fairly low clouds threatened rain for most of the day, but they stayed above the 1500 ft waiver height and we stayed dry. There was a mixture of quite a few first time flyers and even more seasoned flyers, launching a variety of models on motors from 1/4A to J impulse and just about everything in between.

We had 2 flyers try for their Level 1 Certifications, with one making it on the first try and the other needing a second attempt and the aid of some 5 minute epoxy to reattach 2 fins that broke due to a rough landing when the chute release didn't on the first try. There was a notable "Der Red Max" drag race between these two newly certified flyers as well, each flying on G40-7 motors. There were at least 2 flights that overflew the field and ended up on the other side of some trees, and one flight that required the use of the CMASS retrieval pole to recover from the same tree line. The launch was also attended by at least two TARC teams making multiple test flights for the latest TARC competition. Other than the one rather spectacular CATO of a 38mm reload motor that was unfortunately loaded minus its motor casing, most flights went very well and a lot of fun was had by all.

Everyone reported having a good to great time and all the operations ran smoothly.October Sky

Thanks to the participants from each club who helped organize this event.

We are calling it the October Sky Launch and hope to make it an annual event.

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