We had a wonderful Winter Follies launch and an article will follow.

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 the kids at play 20160801 1458983064           The English Language Center (ECL)  is an English Language school for international high school students. They are based in Boston but have programs in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Their summer program in Boston is at MIT and serves about 125 students with English classes in the mornings and more typical camp activities in the afternoon. Since it is at MIT, there is a Science camp that includes an introduction to model rocketry - and that is where CMASS comes in. Last year we helped them out with their build session and launch session. This year they decided to have two launches - one each for  different camp sessions. We weren't able to attend the two build sessions, but were able to help out with their launches - on July 8th and 29th at the Acton field.

            Since there were only going to be 20 to 25 kids, launching for about two hours, the CMASS equipment would have been overkill and we went with the Page School launch equipment. The kids were from Japan, China, Venezuela, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Spain with beginning to pretty good English. They had built either the Watchamacallit or dooDad (both FlisKits) the day before and launched them as many times as they wanted. Kenn and Guy helped out on July 8th and Kenn and Alan on July 31st. The kids were great (for the most part. Teenagers no matter where they are from are still teenagers!) and seemed to have a great time. We helped them out last summer as well. I suspect this will be a regular summer event. There are some pictures in the Gallery.