Our next  TARC Launch day is 01 April - weather permitting; the decision on which day of the weekend we'll launch will be made by Friday, 31 March.

Our first club launch of the season will be 22 April, Earth Day, in Amesbury.

The 2017 schedule has been published. 

Watch for upcoming opportunities to volunteer and help keep our club launches going.

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Thaks to Ed Pattison-Gordon for writing up these launches.

April 2, 2016. Amesbury.

Five teams attended Saturday's TARC launch in spite of the miserable weather that had been predicted. The looming deadline — scores must be filed by midnight Monday — dictated their presence. In the end, the weather was not that bad. Light rain and light winds, and the rain stopped entirely halfway through the launch. Together, the five teams made twelve qualification flights and a smaller number of practice flights. Four qualification attempts ended with DQs: three for broken eggs and one because the parachute detached at deployment. Successful flights had scores ranging from 193 to 19, with a mean of 72. Teams in attendance were:

Westborough High School

Londonderry High School

Fairhaven Rec Center

Minuteman/Arlington Rocket Club

Shrewsbury High School

On March 19, 2016, the following teams came out to fly:

Portsmouth High School

Westborough High School

MIT Lincoln Labs