Our next  TARC Launch day is 01 April - weather permitting; the decision on which day of the weekend we'll launch will be made by Friday, 31 March.

Our first club launch of the season will be 22 April, Earth Day, in Amesbury.

The 2017 schedule has been published. 

Watch for upcoming opportunities to volunteer and help keep our club launches going.

Please report all misfires of the new website HERE.

Please read Launch Etiquette, Launch Schedule. Sign-up for launch duty.

Another windy day in Amesbury. In fact, I think this was windier than our last launch and certainly colder. I counted three rockets that went way past Whitehall Road (and should have landed by now!). Even with that we had 158 launches with one successful L1 attempt and one successful L2. The L2 was the last flight of the day part of the launch and so was nice to end on a good note. Boris launched the Toginator, which is always great to see! He also launched a new creation - the Seis, a great looking upscale of Fliskits Tres with 6 motors (which is kinda of wimpy for Boris). It flew great but drifted quite a bit an almost made the trees. We had a (very lively) scout troop which counted for many of our launches. And perhaps because of all of the 'not-flying' and the scouts, we sold almost 100 hot dogs and a lot of snacks. So a good day for the CMASS coffers. Jim was there in the morning and AMW was there the whole day. Gloria had hot cocoa, coffee and hot turkey soup! The soup was great on that cold-windy day.

The night launch had the usual suspects. Boris flew his Turbine Rocket Saucer and two others (I believe). I had a couple of my CHAD creations and Guy launched a small lit saucer. Robert and Gloria stayed for the night launch and had the area lit making it easier to load and launch - and Gloria kept the cocoa and soup hot - Thanks Robert and Gloria!

Thanks to Liz for helping out with food and to all who helped with setup, break down, LCO, RSO and driving duties. Pictures are in the Gallery (as soon as people start posting them!!).