Our next scheduled launch in the Fliskits Final Anniversary Launch in September. We're looking for alternate sites for our summer launches and may plan more joint launches with other clubs in New England. 

The 2018 schedule is now published but is subject to change.

Check GO/NO GO status; call or text our Launch Hotline, 857-24-CMASS (857-242-6277) after 7 AM the day of scheduled launch.

Watch for upcoming opportunities to volunteer and help keep our club launches going.

Please report website issues HERE.

Please read Launch Etiquette, Launch Schedule. Sign-up for launch duty.

Saturday was one of the more windier launches that we have had in a while. At least twice during the day, launches were stopped to allow the winds to die down and I don't think I saw the CMASS flag drop from horizontal the entire day. But that didn't stop people from launching. We had over 50 people on the field, and close to 150 flights. However, the wind did inhibit some recoveries - there were a couple that I'm sure crossed Whitehall Road!  FlisKits was there as usual and so was Animal Motor Works. Rob and Gloria were doing a brisk business at least selling coffee and hot chocolate which was very much appreciated that day. There were 4 successful L1 certifications, all from a North Eastern U. group. Congratulations to them! And we had a very active scout troop - troop 28; but I can't remember where they were from.

Thanks to Boris for providing his minivan for the shuttle and to him, Gloria and the other shuttle drivers. Thanks to Liz for helping out with food service and of course to the usual crew for set-up, take down, RCO and LCO. Pictures are in the Gallery.

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